Acoustic shamanic folk music project

The project “Acoustic shamanic folk music” are musical performances proposed by Mike Ianosi in collaboration with Tenzen and other musicians, using acoustic and ethinc instruments. We propose 4 types of music performances: 

– Concerts of shamanic folk compositions (or covers)

– Sound meditation (wellness) sessions of sound baths with powerful vibrant instruments 

– Didgeridoo workshops and lessons

– Children stories and muppet shows, about music instruments and music history

Mike & Tenzen are a duo of musicians authors and composers, playing each several instruments, author and composers, proposing their musical services such as shamanic folk music concerts, well-being session that we call Sound Meditation, wellness activities, musical awakening, children stories or muppet shows. The Mike & Tenzen project is part of the project “acoustic shamanic folk music”. We play only acoustic and ethnic music instruments and compose our own songs.

Our strengths are our knowledge and mastering of our numerous instruments and our ability to combine their sounds. Combined, we play the didgeridoo, the guitar, bass guitar, irish bouzouki, flute recorders (from bass to picolo) shruti box, singing, gong, kalimba, xaphoon, jaw harps, melodica, singing bowls, xylophone, erhu, shamanic drums, shakers, etc… Our musical influences are folk, celtic and world music (asian, native american, australian, arabian, etc)

We have our own amplification system (amplification, mixer, microphones, microphone stands) that cover a distance of -+ 30 meters. 

The passion for acoustics

The acoustic shamanic folk music project was born with the didgeridoo in 2012. It opened the path to the existing worldwide ethnic and folk music instruments and a certain interest in learning to play them. These music instruments have been invented by humans throughout the last 40000 years. Their origins are from different countries and continents but they all have something in common. These instruments are divided in 4 categories:

 – percussions

 – strings

 – wind

 – the voice

The acoustics of ethnic instruments lead to a state of well-being and even provoke sensations and feelings. The musical performances that Mike & Tenzen propose, the wellness activities, workshops on how to master one self through music and instruments practice, all lead to the same path.

It is to awaken each to their own knowledge and development.

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Vibrations de l'Univers

In September 2019 we recorded our first album which was released with a set of 9 songs, a total of 58 minutes.

The album is composed of 6 compositions by Mike & Tenzen. The remaining songs are 3 mantras, including 2 in Sanskrit and one in Portuguese.

To purchase one example please contact us and we can send it by post or give it in hand. We can also send the album as mp3 format by email.

You can also listen and purchase our album on bandcamp.


Since, we continue to compose and have currently more than 20 and we prepare our 2nd album. You can listen to a couple of songs on youtube or on soundcloud.

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