Acoustic shamanic folk music

With Tenzen, we offer vibratory songs with our acoustic instruments. We write our own compositions or take up existing songs that we interpret in our own way. There are many cover songs we can play. In September 2019 we recorded our first album which we put on sale, Vibrations de l’Univers, with a set of 9 songs, a total of 58 minutes. Since, we have continued composing and now we have more than 20 songs. 

Our acoustic shamanic folk music can be divided in the folk style where Mike plays guitar as main instrument and sings, and shamanic style, Mike plays the didgeridoo as main instrument.

Shamanic music

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument that plays rhythms or percussion sounds or to sing in it. When played properly, it feels like  hearing an entire orchestra playing with it. It plays a lead role as main instrument for Mike, Tenzen plays a whole range of other instruments like the shamanic drum, shruti box, various flutes, clarinette, and uses chants.

The sound is similar to the original thousands of years ago, but with manufacturers’ modern technology, sound effects and amplification, its possibilities are increased. The combination of the various sounds and melodies make our music quite special.

Musical performances

We are open to all kinds of musical performances and propositions where we can play the music background.  In July 2020 for the Acrobatics festival at Grand-Place, Mike & Tenzen together with rope dancer Sandie Brichler prepared and presented their performance, 2 times 15 minutes. 

We are also adapting stories, children songs, musical awakenings for children, as well as muppet shows, using our numerous music instruments.

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