Sound meditation / Sound bath

Sound meditation is a wellness and relaxation session using powerful vibrations, to help eliminate stress and be more centered. We propose these sessions at our home or at your home. The power of some ethnic instruments is that they resonate and give out powerful vibrations.

Using a didgeridoo, gong, a shamanic drum instruments with powerful vibrations) and various different flutes, shruti box, chants etc… Mike & Tenzen offer a complete experience of acoustic music, slow rhythms and pure, vibrating sounds. These acoustic vibrations help to align the physical body and the mind, which causes a state of well-being and calm, equivalent to a sound bath or sonotherapy.

Sonotherapy is the art of using vibratory music instruments to bring into a person a state of well-being that has a long lasting positive effect. It has existed for thousands of years. For a more powerful experience, we also do individual sound massages with the didgeridoo, shamanic drum. The vibrations can be felt throughout the body, a unique experience.

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